Sunday, November 30, 2008

Re-use, re-make, re-cute-ify

Calling all friends.... nows the time to put in your X-mas order!

I've been really having fun setting up a little sewing corner, and these cute little hats have been my main product of late. I take old shirts... old patagonia long underwear work the best, cut them up and turn them into these darling lightweight little hats. They wick sweat yet are cute enough to go out on the town in... well at least in Montana...

 my latest exploit has been ransacking my dresser looking for boring old t-shirts on the cusp of salvo donation status. I've been cutting out the necks and reshaping the sleeves and then sewing with a zigzag stitch...pulling the fabric out as I sew to make the edge ruffle. I think they are super cute, what a good use for an old t shirt, especially those with the tight, boring, style squelching neck line.

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A said...

Yes! I love those shirts! They remind me of that etsy gal's ruffly stuff - cuter, though. I like the contrasting thread/fabric. I hope you wear one tomorrow... can you believe we're going back already? :( Oh, well. At least we'll get to cluck it all out. I plan on putting in at least one Christmas order tomorrow (for myself).